Profive academy – now just €25 per month!

This is amazing news and a very exciting development from Profive Academy: You can now subscribe monthly for just €25 (£21.84 at the time of writing). You can also join with an annual membership of €250 (£218.40). This is the same price as one whole course – and now you have access to all the content, with more being added regularly.

I am sure, ProFive Academy and the 40×20 methodology will become a reference for futsal coach education in the world. The platform is so simple to use and the content is unique. You will learn futsal from the fundamentals.

Profive 40x20 curriculum

Of the above curriculum, you will have access to the offensive block right away, just by paying €25. And with so much more to come, this will be an incredible investment in your education.

I am still only part way through the offensive block and will be sharing snippets from the course, lessons and sessions I learn as I go along and would love you to join me on the journey. I’ll use my regular channels – social media, YouTube and my email list (you can join below) to share stuff!

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Profive Affiliate

If you enrol, it will also help me out a little bit as an affiliate, and of course you’ll be supporting a futsal company by futsal people in ProFive. Please make sure you click the links I share for you to be linked with me. I will be able to track and for anyone joining via my links and I will happily help with mentoring along the way and being a point of contact for any questions you have about the futsal course.


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