Futsal course for just €150 for 12 months

Today is the last day to get full access to Profive Academy with an incredible 40% off! That’s €150 (around £130) for 12 months complete access to all the futsal content you could wish for!

Once you’ve clicked my link below (which gives me a small commission: read here) then sign up and use the code PROFIVE40 by midnight today on checkout and you’ll have access for all of 2023!! What a year ahead!

I’ve completed most of the courses and I’ve utilised a lot of the ideas in my training sessions this season. It’s always good to revisit and deepen your knowledge as things click in your head. Profive gives that level of understanding. It’s also an excellent reference if you are unsure about something.

One on one

As I’ve always said, as a thank you for using my affiliate link I will give you a one on one to discuss anything you like. Just get in touch with me once you’re a member and we can arrange a time to do it! I’m grateful to many coaches who have done the same for me over the years and I always want to try and give back.

So register today and get Profive for the best price ever and continue your futsal journey in 2023!


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