3v3 with floaters to work on 4-0. Futsal training session.

An excellent futsal exercise used by a lot of top coaches I know to improve 4-0 as an attacking system, focusing on decision making when to penetrate or when to circulate.

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Number of players

10 players, 2 goalkeepers plus subs.


Balls, bibs.


We start with a 3v3 in the creation zone (own half v a pressing defence) with 2 floaters on the sidelines who are active in attack only. Start with the movements according to your game model. The players can use the floaters a maximum of 2 times to encourage forward play. After these 2 times, it will be 3v3 until the ball is dead. When the floater receives the ball they have two options 1) to play first time with an attacking pass in depth, or to drive the ball into the central area and “rotate”. If this happens, another player must exit and be a floater. This decision will depend on how we have manipulated the defence, the timing of the attacking runs (cuts) and if the defender follows or not.


Decision making, 4-0 system, attacking penetration.

Secondary objectives: Defending (adjustments, pressure, changes), finishing.


You can allow the floater to play as much as possible until a solution is found, to encourage more possession based play.

You could allow a 1-2 in attack, creating the need for the opposite winger to cover more.

Coaching points

Firstly work on the starting movement, your game model from the start of play.

Make sure when the floater receives the ball they are making the correct decision based on what they see.

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