Futsal course collaboration – Profive academy

I’m delighted to announce a new partnership with Profive Academy and their futsal course, 40×20 methodology.

Since I began coaching futsal in 2005, I have always strived to improve my knowledge through futsal courses, books, videos and of course, there is no substitute for gaining experience. This led me to Spain in 2013, where I took the UEFA B, UEFA A and worked in a couple of professional clubs.

I’ve never stopped studying and last year I completed the futsal course with Vamar Formacíon – an excellent, in depth course for coaches at all levels.

Futsal Course for everyone

Most recently I have enrolled on the ProFive futsal course, as the coaches behind it are people I have admired and learnt a lot from in my time in Spain. The content aligns with my philosophy for coaching and is an excellent, in depth study of all aspects of futsal covering attack, defence and management and that is why I’m happy to recommend the course to you.

Futsal Course Curriculum

This methodology avoids all talk of formations, set plays and robotic movements and helps you to understand futsal at a fundamental level, something I believe strongly in – if you follow me on twitter, you will know that!

While there is a place for the above, I think to really create intelligent players, we need to teach them the fundamentals and concepts, so that they can adapt to the ever changing game that futsal is.

I will be sharing snippets from the course, lessons and sessions I learn as I go along and would love you to join me on the journey. I’ll use my regular channels – social media, YouTube and my email list (you can join below).

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If you enrol, it will also help me out a little bit as an affiliate, and of course you’ll be supporting a futsal company by futsal people in ProFive. Please make sure you click the links I share for you to be linked with me. I will be able to track and for anyone joining via my links and I will happily help with mentoring along the way and being a point of contact for any questions you have about the futsal course.


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