Futsal webinar for Indonesian coaches

On 12th July 2022, I will be conducting a futsal webinar for coaches in Indonesia. Organised by Litbang Armain FC and supported by the South Borneo Futsal Association and the Banua People’s Futsal Association, I will be covering such topics as attacking and defending principles of futsal, my philosophy and methodology and more.

I’ve done regular webinars since the pandemic started and I’m really looking forward to this one for coaches in Indonesia. Teaching is learning twice and I value these experiences to deepen my knowledge as well as give back.

The details are in the image below if you’d like to join the webinar on 12th July. Contact Hendri and he’ll help you out or comment on this post and I’ll organise for you. It will be in English, with translation into Bahasa Indonesia.

A huge thank you to Firdaus for reaching out.

Poster for the International Futsal Webinar

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