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1v1 and counter attack – Futsal training

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This exercise is very simple and a lot of fun, while getting a few key objectives. I will use this early in the season usually as you can use it for physical training (varying the length accordingly) and some basics. For me, the most important aspect here is the mindset switch from attack to defence; you can really see the player’s mentality come out in this exercise. Very similar to this 2v2 exercise I’ve shared many times.

Number of players

10-14 players, 2 goalkeepers. Equipment Balls (plenty), bibs


You start with 2 teams at opposite corners of the court, each player with a ball available (get your assistants to ensure balls are readily available). The first player attacks 1vGK and as soon as the ball leaves their foot, the next player, from the other team attacks 1vGK with the previous attacker now defending.

The attacker must reach 10m before shooting. The new attacker must not leave before the shot or from more than 5 metres distance from the goal line.

Sometimes, you will have 1v1 situations, sometimes 1vGK. Change sides after one set. Usually 4-5 minutes maximum per set.


Working on finishing under pressure, dribbling, 1v1, defending 1v1, changing mindset after scoring and physical.


Can make them go round the goalkeeper or finish inside the area. Could offer 2 points for a goal scored with weaker foot. Adding in more players changes the exercise, but you could evolve it to go 2v1, 2v2 etc…

Coaching points

Switching to defence after shooting is the big one here and also can help players with their finishing – where to shoot etc and NOT allowing the goalkeeper to collect the ball.

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