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Right, so after the first six weeks returning to the gym, I changed up my routine based on a programme I found on Muscle & Strength – an excellent website for free gym programmes.

You can read a more in depth background to my workouts in the post I did at the start of August after I’d done 6 weeks, aiming to burn fat. There I go in to the motivations and how I started.

The six weeks since then I have been doing a more stable routine: Chris Hemsworth Inspired Workout: Train like Thor and I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s a 5 day per week programme and apart from the last week where I had a slight pain in my shoulders I have managed to keep it up and I am happy with the results. That said, I haven’t particularly added any size or lost any fat, I’m about the same as 1st August. I’m going to try and get to 74cm waist and 65kg, but I am not in a rush to get there.

Probably the reasons behind this stalling are eating too much nasi kandar and roti cenai as I’ve been travelling a little bit this month and also the weights I’m doing have reached a plateau due to the equipment I’m using and I also did less cardio.

I’ve started swimming recently because of the shoulder pain and done a few runs, but as of next week, which will be week 7 of Thor and 12 weeks since I started, I am going to add more cardio and try to increase the weights, while eating a better, protein based diet to keep on losing the fat around my belly. When that’s gone, I’m going to try to add some muscle mass, but I think I might be a few weeks away from that!

1st August – 7th September

As you can see, not much change, probably lost a bit of “shape” as last week I only managed 2 workouts plus some swimming and haven’t controlled my diet. I’m going to update at the end of this week too, see if a few days eating well/fasting can have an effect.

Chest, back & absLegsArms & absChest, back & shouldersLegs & abs
Swimming 30 lengthsFutsal, swimming or bike 30 minutesJogging 40-60 minutesBadminton, or swimming 30 lengthsBike 30 minutesWalk / trek Rest
Stretching – splitsStretchingSplitsSplitsSplits

Above is how I’d ideally like to do my week to look and usually it did, but of course, it’s not always possible. The breakdown of the workouts are here. Diet wise, I’d do 18:6 most days, and try and fit in a 24+ hour fast at some point.

Life gets in the way, and we should embrace that, not see it as a problem, but try and work around it!

Here is my latest body fat % using’s body fat calculator, which is obviously really good and compared to February, I was 19%!

Overall, happy with my progress and currently I’m steady, without much change, so once I get back from Pulau Kapas next weekend, I will make a more concerted effort with my diet and cardio, added to the gym to get to my target weight/body fat. Hopefully my shoulder injury has gone away!

As always, send me your results, would love to see how you’re doing!

Some of the resources I’m using are linked below:

Stretching/workout apps – Leap fitness

Fasting and body measurement app – Zero calories

Tracking my workouts – Fit Notes App

Body fat calculator –

Workout – Muscle and Strength

Calorie tracking and photo diary – Myfitnesspal

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