Futsal terminology: Community project

As part of my mission to educate through futsal, I’ve always envisaged a unified online dictionary of futsal terms.

I have started a google sheets document with futsal terminology in Spanish, English and other languages added as auto translations by google translate. Obviously there will be errors in the auto translation so we need the community to join in and find the correct words for the Spanish term.

I’ve used Spanish as the base, as there is more diversity and depth in Spanish futsal language than the others and most places tend to use the Spanish to find their equivalents, often wrongly by a literal translation.

So, the idea is to have people from different countries having an input and building an online dictionary of futsal terms that we can all use as a reference.

If you would like access, click here or using the link below and I will give you permission – please state the language you want to contribute to or if you just want to use it as a reference.


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