2v2 with wide players outside to work on 4-0 movements and patterns of play.

A very simple exercise for any level of player to work on 2v1 transitions. To enrol on the Profive course for attacking transitions, click here: 40×20 Methodology 4-player principles.

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Number of players

8+ players, 2 goalkeepers.


Balls and goals


Goalkeeper always starts with the ball and plays to the attacking players. Start with only permitting play to the 2 central players (not wingers). The 2 attackers proceed to attack, trying to score. It is not obligatory to use the outside players. The defence should press. The defenders on the outside can defend, but must not enter the central area.


4-0 attack, patterns of play, playing under pressure.


You can take the exercise back a little bit by not allowing the outside defenders to defend.

Progressions will allow movement of players freely between zones, but always having at least 1 winger in the outside zone at all times, while defenders can be free. This will focus more on allow the play to continue after the initial movements we’re focused on.

Coaching points


You may have previously done some unopposed work to get your players familiar with patterns and principles. The main coaching area here will be ensuring the players transfer these movements and principles into an opposed (but restricted) game. I’ve designed this exercise to allow the movements I have been working on to come out.

Try to encourage the correct amount of touches (1/2/3).

Encourage 3 players in a line to protect the pass to the winger.

Engage the defenders to permit getting in behding.


This exercise is highly focused on attack, but you should force the defence to press and allow changes between the 2 central players if that fits your model of play.

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