Futsal session plan template

Create graphics quickly and easily for your futsal session plan with this powerpoint I made during the first lockdown and updated in the second. Too often I was seeing poorly drawn futsal courts on otherwise excellent sessions so I decided to make this for you!

While the content is key, having a good visual design can help, especially if you want to share your work. I’ve seen my template being used by some top coaches and accounts on social media since I first launched them.

For the free version, you can subscribe to my email list (I send sessions and other useful coaching stuff every now and again) or you can get the premium version above for just £2.20.

Futsal session plan template Palau Blaugrana Fc Barcelona.
Palau Blaugrana

The courts are editable and there are instructions for how to change colours, text and logos. I’ve also included some famous courts a half court and a shareable futsal session plan that includes all the things you could need on one sheet – perfect for printing or sharing!

Coach Futsal

I use www.coachfutsal.net for planning my sessions and you can use these images when you design sessions in coachfutsal.net too. It’s easily the best software for managing your teams, get in touch with me for more info.

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