Leaving Perak (for now)

With my contract expiring at the end of the year and no news yet from the FA Malaysia on the start of Malaysia Premier Futsal League 2021, Perak Futsal are currently unable to offer me the extension we had agreed in September.

We had a great group!!

Also, my Manager, Mr. Wan (a.k.a. Cik Boy), who gave me the opportunity to come to Malaysia also recently suffered a stroke. He is currently recovering. I’m sure he’ll be fine soon under the excellent care of his family.

With Cik Boy’s family and some of the team.

Long term plan

Everywhere I work, I plan for the long term and Perak was no different. I had in place a plan to develop futsal in Perak state. I wanted to eventually use our academy to create opportunities for local children to play futsal for their state and eventually, Malaysia.

While obviously disappointed, I can understand the decision. I will take this opportunity, (as I can’t travel and UK looks grim at the moment), to spend some time studying. I also will continuing delivering online classes until things settle down. I’ll also try to explore Malaysia a little bit more, as long as it’s safe to do so and within the government guidelines.

I’ll be looking for a new opportunity in the new season and I am excited to see where my next adventure will be. My first choice will be to stay in Malaysia, especially Perak if the team gets confirmed. However, I am open to going anywhere in the World to work on a futsal project!

Obviously, if you or someone you know would be interested to talk to me, then of course, do get in touch. Email me, damon@damonshaw.co.uk@damon_shaw on twitter or WhatsApp me on https://wa.me/00447807146319.

My last time on the court…

2020 review

My 2020 hasn’t been too bad. Lockdown here was 3 months and long and lonely. Perak were great with me, though in honouring the contracts, when they could easily have stopped paying us. For that I’ll be ever grateful and I think I speak on behalf of all the players when I say we’d repay that loyalty in an instant. It allowed me to stay and make plans for the club and improve myself with studies and reading. I completed the Vamar Course for Elite Futsal Coaching and I recently began my own delivery of a 10-week course to the Australian Futsal Federation. If I get chance, I’ll write a more in depth post about my year!

I was really looking forward to proving myself here in Asia, and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for a better 2021 for everyone and for me to get a similar opportunity.

Have an amazing end of the year and I look forward to sharing more with you then!

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