Vamar Formación course passed!

Six months of online classes (20 modules) and a piece of work to submit and I passed the course with a mark of 4.09/5.

When I signed my contract with Perak FA, I treated myself to the online “Specialisation in high performance futsal training” organised by Vamar Formación, which consists of Jose Valle (who you may know from Ejercicios de Futsal Sala) and Adri Martiño who are both excellent references for all coaches and accredited by the Unversity of Ávila.

Part of my final presentation

So from February to July, I was studying the course, which was 300 hours of video and a final project. I had a 5 week period at the start of lockdown when I had lost a lot of motivation and my internet was terrible so I got a bit behind, but then in the last month of the course put in a lot of time to get it completed and overall, the experience of studying again was great and really worthwhile.

The course covered every aspect of elite futsal and it was perfect for me alongside my role as head coach in Malaysia. I will be using a lot of what I learnt going into the new season.

Below is the video I made for the final coursework, where I analysed Valdepeñas in the quarter finals and semi finals of the playoffs, from the point of view of their opponent in the final.

It’s got my juices flowing for going on to complete my UEFA Pro in Spain in the next few seasons, but that all depends on my work situation. Currently based in Asia, our season runs when the courses would be…

If you get chance to take a course by Vamar, or even a clinic, then I’d totally recommend investing in it. Really great tutors and content!

Never stop learning!


  1. Futsal Labs

    Great job Damon. Keep it up!

  2. damonshaw

    Thank you so much!!

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