Youth Olympic Futsal kicks off…

Olympic futsal is here… but I don’t hear the Worldwide celebrations I would have expected. Maybe because I’ve been off social media for the last week, but a quick peak still hasn’t caught my attention.

Since I got involved in futsal in 2005, the underlying campaign has been for inclusion in the Olympics and that is in Spain too, where futsal is already hugely mainstream. Rightly so as this would give governments an impetus to fund the sport more and it would become a known sport in schools especially in the English speaking world.

OLYMPIC FUTSAL has arrived. Okay, it’s in the Youth Olympics, but it’s a start and surely this means it’s under consideration for future Olympic games? Japan 2020 is too soon, but certainly 2024 (as suggested by Doug Reed in 2014) could be when futsal is included as a new sport. Here’s hoping!

Olympic futsal has arrived!

This decision for this will be taken in 2019 with a final say after the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, presumably so that the new sports there can be evaluated. This also means the 2018 Youth Olympics could have a say in what is included and with futsal a HEADLINE sport it certainly will put itself in a good position to be considered.

The Youth Olympics starts today and I hope the futsal family get behind the event with live streams and talking about it on social media because this event is huge for our sport!! I’ll be taking in as many games as possible on the live stream and maybe even looking for some players to bring to Malta in the future, but I’ll be enjoying as a fan and hoping to see some top futsal action over the next 12 days.

Today’s fixtures are below, taken from

Olympic Futsal fixtures

The link for the live streams:

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