The Futsal Indy Podcast

With a lack of futsal debate and the rise of podcasting, this is a very welcome addition to the #futsalfamily landscape by @thefutsalindy, a.k.a. Carl Wilkinson, one of the more enthusiastic members of the (North West) futsal community.

The Futsal Indy / Salford Futsal Club
The Futsal Indy was born out of Salford Futsal Club!

In the latest episode of The Futsal Indy, Carl mentions my recent article about coaching:, but make sure you subscribe and listen to the full series – a well-made, concise and interesting show.

Once again, thanks to Carl for the mention – helps me validate my new aim of putting out coaching content rather than selfies of me on the beach in Malta!!

Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to discuss or share. I’ll keep trying to share stuff for coaches and futsal development!

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