Futsal training: Match with conditions to work on 4-0

This is quite an advanced session for my first one on my blog, but as I was asked kindly by Futsala Guide to present an exercise, I chose one of my favourites to work on 4-0 and one I believe can be useful for coaches in the UK, where the facebook page is aimed.

First of all, we should have players that understand the attacking concepts such as parallel, diagonal, 1-2, back doors, block & continue, screen, overlap. (I will write a post about these in the future) as we’re now working in the creation phase – i.e. how can we get our team into a position to use one of the aforementioned combinations and be successful or get in behind.

4v4 split into 2v2 with support of a 3rd player to work on 4-0 creation

4-0 futsal training exercise
Exercise to work 4-0 movements from 2v2 in the creation zone.


To improve 2v2 creation and concepts of 4-0 with a 3rd player joining in to create finishing opportunities.

Number of players

8 plus 2 goalkeepers


From 6 minutes x 2 with high intensity or 20 minutes plus with more interventions.


Balls, bibs, markers

Exercise description

The game is executed as a real game of 4v4 with goalkeepers but set up in a 2v2 on each side of the court, divided by an imaginary line. The main rule is that defenders cannot cross to the other side. If the ball goes out of play, the goalkeeper restarts play and the defending team MUST high press. Goalkeeper to wait until ready. This avoids the exercise becoming a counter attacking drill.

Attacking players may cross over depending on conditions set by the coach. 

  1. When the ball crosses to the other side, the player who doesn’t pass the ball across the imaginary line must cross to support.
  2. The passer must cross to support.
  3. Players on the opposite side may come to support (when the ball is on the opposite wing).

Always within a few seconds, or a set amount of passes, the play must revert to 2v2 on each side.

You can add in limited touches to the player who crosses.

Coach can apply set movements to the players to work on a specific movement.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this exercise and if you have any variations or alternatives. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel and get more futsal training videos!

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