Social media detox

I like to set challenges for myself on a monthly basis and I also like to share them on social media!! In September my aims included running 80km, going the whole month vegan and starting Yoga.

I didn’t succeed, but I came close and actually improved on August in terms of diet and fitness. The quote below sums up September for me.

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

Norman Vincent Peale

I’ve decided, after a long while considering it, to have a detox from social media. While I believe it’s important in this age and I will still be using it to promote The Futsal Shop and Futsal Camp UK, I felt like it was consuming my life too much. Always thinking of things to tweet, pics to take for instagram. Therefore I won’t be updating my personal pages this month, apart from the odd article share related to my progress in Malta and I certainly won’t be scrolling – the main reason I want a break.

Won’t be on twitter in October. Having a break from social media. Please email on if you need me. I’ll be back in November. I will still likely share articles of interest and Swieqi results but won’t get notifications/DMs.— Damon Shaw – Futsal (@Damon_Shaw) September 30, 2018

I hope to spend the time I will save talking to the people close to me, writing content for my blog and working on more lasting content in general, such as video and audio.

Of course, I need to be connected, so WhatsApp and messenger will still be vital to my day to day life and work, but I won’t have the temptation to check in on my notifications, likes and comments every hour. I’ve deleted the apps from my phone apart from instagram (which I need to share content for The Futsal Shop) and logged out on all devices.

If you’ve ever given it a go, comment below!!

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