What can I do to help refugees with futsal camp?

I don’t know what i can do to help any refugees, but if we get 15 kids signed up to Futsal Camp UK then I can probably give away a place to someone. I was already going to offer a free place to an underprivileged child, including paying flights. However, need to at least cover costs first with 15 children coming.

If anybody wants to buy a place for a child in need in the mean time, I’ll do it at cost. I don’t make a lot of profit per child, but I can probably get the price down a bit.

Or any children (11-18) already in the area can join the training sessions and English lessons for free. And that’s open to any refugees in the area – if you know any agencies or groups that work with them in and around Manchester, happy to be put in touch.

So sad to see what’s happening. And this is for any refugees from anywhere – just get in touch if there’s anything I can do to help with @futsalcampuk!

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