2v1 transitions exercise for futsal counter attack

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Number of players

8+ players, 2 goalkeepers.


Balls and goals


28×20 or basketball court. Goalkeeper starts with the ball and plays to the attacking players who were positioned behind the goal to the sides. One defender waits in a defensive position (coachable). The 2 attackers proceed to attack according to the coach’s instructions. If the attacking team score, they exit the court and the defender stays. If they don’t score, the last player to touch the ball defends.


Attacking 2v1 transitions, defending with numerical disadvantage, counter attacks.


Add in 2nd defender making recovery run, but that starts to become a different exercise. This is a very simple drill for a specific outcome – perhaps changing court size for your team is the only really valid variation.

Coaching points


Engage the defender with a dribble. Depending on the defender’s actions, you have the following options:

  • Go for goal
  • Take on the defender for a pass to 2nd post
  • Pass to team mate who will have a 1vGK and attack 2nd post (or come short depending on defender).

Team mate should look to occupy a position somewhere about half way between the defender and the edge of the court, so that they can receive it ahead of the defender and be 1vGK or be ready to attack second post in case of option 2 being taken.

Attack should be quick (perhaps limit time or number of passes) bearing in mind that in a 2v1 transition in a match, there will be recovering defenders.


Retreat to a safe distance – 10-15m from goal.

Occupy the passing line between the two defenders.

Close down the ball carrier looking at their strong foot, position of team mate and reading their body language for intentions. Trust your goalkeeper if they look to go down the line and shoot and the other attacker is in a dangerous position.

If the ball is passed to the 2nd attacker, depending on the distance from goal and communication with the goalkeeper…

  • Stay with the first attack (watch them, don’t turn your back).
  • Close down the ball while staying in the passing line.

This requires a lot of practice with the goalkeeper to find the right moment to stay or switch.

2v1 transitions

2v1 transitions
2v1 transitions, attacking coaching points
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