World Mental Health Day – 10/10/20

I just want to say, however you do it – whatsapp, email, twitter, facebook or over the phone, it’s really important to talk if you aren’t feeling yourself. If you’re sad, depressed, lonely, bored, lost whatever… talk to someone and tell them how you feel. There’s no shame in it and it could help you uncover a problem that could be solved.

Your mental health is important and it’s been tested more than ever this year for most people. I’ve been lucky to have some close friends around me through all this and despite being a million miles away from everyone close to me, I’ve felt closer than ever.

If you feel like you have nobody to talk to there are plenty of services out there. My sister set up Suicide Awareness / Prevention UK after our step dad Brian hanged himself 4 years ago and I’ve volunteered on the page a few times. It’s always there if you need to talk. It’s a community of caring people and they’ll be able to help, either directly, or point you somewhere where you can get help. Click the link below to go directly to the facebook page where you can start a chat!

Suicide Awareness / Prevention Facebook Page

I’ll always be happy to talk too and if you fancy a chat, you can reach me on this website or DM me on twitter!

Have a great weekend!!

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