2020 vision

Clichéd title I know, but it works and I want to note down my vision for the next 12 months and maybe a bit beyond. This way I can refer back to it in a year’s time and see if I was true to my word…

New Year’s resolutions are mostly successful if they are a habit. So for me it’s whether I need to change a habit or behaviour slightly, rather than go extreme. Last year when I said I would go tee total I realise that it was too far, but I did reduce my alcohol intake!

Here are my aims from 2019:

I am pleased with my health goals. I exceeded the running ones and weight was mostly under 67kg all year. That said, I don’t pay much attention to weight any more and I am more interested in my stats for running, such as V02 max and pace. My diet is varied and I am as fit and healthy as I have ever been.

I saved money and didn’t face-plant any cars. The areas I feel I didn’t do well enough in are sharing and reading. I reverted to watching videos in bed as opposed to reading later in the year. Usually happens when I finish a book and can’t decide what to start. I will read much more in 2020 – I have 7 or 8 books in a queue already!


To do this, I am also logging out of social on my phone. I consider part of my work sharing and social media is useful for that, so while I will blog more instead of tweeting, I am going to share what I write via my social – just won’t be wasting as much time on there myself (hopefullly!).

2020 goals

So, as already mentioned, I am going to read more/social less. I want to improve myself, study a bit more and focus myself a bit on developing as a coach and putting more time into my business, Futsal Camp UK, for which I have big plans for this Summer! Overall, I want to be more productive and with that, if I set some goals then I have something to work towards and my main goal will be to run another successful Summer camp. Success will be seeing a similar event to last year with a few more children coming from other places!

I’m not going to commit to giving up alcohol or any sort of diet, as I am happy with that. Past resolutions and trying being vegan have worked to give me a good diet. Fitness-wise I am, again, really happy with where I am. I should do more in the gym on top of running and when I get settled into a routine I will add gym to my week. I would like to get a sub 40 10k and also sub 19 5k in 2020. I have a very good coach so I am sure he will get me there!

2020 travel

I’ve always travelled and 2020 will be no different. Looking ahead I will be going to the following places: Belgium, France and Lithuania. The first 2 are part of my best friend’s stag do, the latter is, of course, the Futsal World Cup. I would also like to go somewhere a bit further afield… let’s see what happens!

New Year’s Resolutions

So, to put them in list form and have a reference for this time next year, here are my 2020 resolutions/goals:

  • Futsal Camp UK 2020 with 15 children
  • Break 19′ and 40′ on 5k and 10k respectively (by following training programme)
  • Read 20 books.
  • Disconnect from social media (messaging apps okay, but also, more phone calls!).
  • Save a third of all income.
  • Share more analysis – via blog/social.
  • Write my coaching philosophy.

I’ve got quite a few projects on the go and I will get organised on all those and work hard to ensure they have the best chance of success. One is forming a charity for Suicide Awareness with my sister and mum. I’ll update on other things when they are a bit further along.

Overall I just hope for a productive 2020 where I can continue to do what I love and also help others, whether that’s on a personal level or via this blog and my social media or things I do. And of course, being kind has to underpin everything.

Happy New Year!! Let me know what your goals are.

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